1. What is Tron Energy and Tron Bandwidth?

Tron Energy is one of special features of tron. It can only be received through freezing TRX similar to Bandwidth. This resource has its specific usage - creating and operating smart contracts. Energy is TRON Network’s CPU resource consumption when users are building and operating smart contracts. Tron Bandwidth helps you perform transactions on TRON mainnet without paying any gas fees. Bandwidth is also used to cement yourself as an active member of the TRON community, allowing you to cast votes for Super Representatives.


2. What is TRON POWER?

TRON Power is a Energy/Bandwidth rental and investment platform. We aimed at establishing a fund pool whose interest rates are determined by an algorithm based on the supply and demand of Energy/Bandwidth asset. There are two roles within the protocol, namely the investor and borrower. Both of them can interact with the protocol to earn or pay the floating interest rate. TRON POWER helps users instantly borrow energy at a great price. In addition, users are guaranteed the most safety and efficiency when they choose TRON Power.

3. Our vision and mission

We are a company of entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about achieving excellence for our customers and partners. Vision: Our vision is to become the world leader in providing the most trusted database, and service platform. TRON POWER’s aim is to establish blockchain innovation that will not only increase security and utility, but also benefit society. Mission: We promote the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our global blockchain community.

4. How does TRON POWER work?

TRON POWER acts as an intermediary between investors and energy users. We guarantee the benefits & safety of both parties and all transactions on TRON POWER are completely free. In TRON POWER, investors will send TRX in our fund, we then convert TRX to Energy and distribute it to our customers. In summary, the benefits for both renters and investors are: For renters: We support renters to rent Energy/Bandwidth with the best price in the market. We offer amazing and exclusive deals for our customers. Rent Energy/Bandwidth and get discounts ranging from 50%, up to 75% compared to direct payment. For investors: Earn passive income easily with 80% interest from TRON POWER on all investors system.


5. What is benefits of TRON POWER

No fee: We do not charge any user fees for any transaction TRX savings: You can rent Energy/Bandwidth at the lowest rate & fastest time and as a result, the more TRX you save. Colossal investor network: We have an extensive network of Energy/Bandwidth investors around the world, ensuring to satisfy you with the Energy/Bandwidth amount you wish with the best prices on the market.